Singapore International Boardgames Meetup
By Daryl Chow Follow | Public

Hello and a warm welcome to the Singapore International Boardgames Meetup family!

Board games aren't just about games, they are about people. A board game without people is just cardboard, its the people that you will meet at our gatherings that will make your experience special.

This meetup group is an excellent way to meet new friends in Singapore to play games and have fun. Every meetup we will have either organizers, game experts, or regulars get you quickly into a game, so you only need to bring yourselves. We host games for all tastes, skill levels, and people from all walks of life, so there is no reason to not join a board game session near you today!

SIBM is run by the Card Board Crew. For more information, please visit our Facebook page:

Or our Instagram: cardboardcrewsg

The Card Board Crew are also at your disposal for the following:

- Helping you develop and promote your awesome game designs

- Uniquely customised team-building/team-bonding sessions

- Challenging game design workshops

- See our portfolio on our website: